Who We Are, What We Believe



We are based in Fort Collins, Colorado.

We are triathletes...from the ground up...middle of the packers.  The folks who catch up to you on a killer hill and tell you that you can push through it.  And often the folks you crank by on the bike - so hit us with some words of support when you go by.

Triathlete Supply was begun after years of working for a massive company that didn't care about quality and that was all about working people to death so that a few at the top could make millions.

That is totally contrary to our fundamental business philosophy, but it was really cutting into training and tri time!

We had a good commercial background and figured if you are going to work at something, make it something you enjoy and have a fondness for.


- Source high quality training and competition products and price as best as we can.

- Always special order items we don't have in stock, and give the customer something for the wait.  Send us an email at info@triathletesupply.com if there's an item you want that you don't see.

- Ship fast and free

- Help people become better triathletes and help make someone's first event enjoyable.

- Look to our customers for new product ideas, things we should be selling and any other thoughts they may have.


Thanks for visiting our site, let us know if you are ever near Fort Collins, Colorado and remember that everyone had a first event, so help those who are in theirs.