Body Glide Original Full Size Stick - 1.5 oz

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Protect your skin against rubbing that causes chafing, irritation and raw skin. The balm forms a dry, invisible barrier, effective wherever skin is rubbed by clothing, footwear or wetsuits. Never wet or greasy!

Body Glide is the triathlete preferred balm. It comes in a stick and is easy to apply for race or training day protection.  Body glide protects skin from,wetsuit rashes, chafing from wet or abrasive clothing, or pinching and friction from suits and wetsuits.  Apply it to your lower leg before putting your wetsuit on and it will make for a faster and stress free wetsuit change out at T1.

  • Easy Application
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Light, dry feel, not wet or oily
  • No Petroleum or Parabens
  • Water Resistant
  • Neoprene safe